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Peter Lewis started to develop LED dancefloors in 2012, trying different designs and different ways of making the floors.

Finding the optimum way of using LED's along with maximum features and to weigh the least was the criteria of this design.

In 2014, Peter made his first final prototype dancefloor. This was after making over a dozen different panels using different methods.
Some of these methods went down to using rubber moulding only 5mm thick with LEDS inside , similar to various industrial flooring systems.

One of the biggest challenges was to have a surface that was hard wearing and not too heavy. Glass was not an option.

Once Peter had made the prototype by hand (12 square metres) which had a central controller and central power supplies in a huge box.

This worked well but there was still something missing, Peter then decided to embed waterproof power supplies into each panel.

By doing this , he stopped using 15 mm power cables going to each floor and reduced down the size of the loop cables within the floors.
Having central power supplies also hindered the scalability of the project. When each panel uses up to 12A @5V going though 3 panels to get to the fourth
one would mean that the First panel would need to be sized to allow 48A @ 5V to be passed through.

In Feb 2015, Peter changed all the panels to include a power supply per panel and at the same time produced the new ARTNET controller for these floors.  

Once everything was working well and as expected, Peter designed his own 1.5m(x) x 1.5m(y) x 300mm(z) CNC Router to make the Floor Panels including the
design of a Self ejecting Holesaw for the foam.

Our present capability is to cut 12 panels a day. Completed Panels are done at a rate of 2 per day which is scalable depening on demand
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